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Originally Posted by Dracheous
Er, why could we not re-enact events that say Canada was not apart of? We have people "Skruface" above that do "medieval" times re-enactments. I've part taken in medieval events before, and it was not as a Canadian soldier trying to hold off the English! Because, seriously if you can find a text book that says we had troops waging war flying the Canadian colours in say the "Crusades" then you sir have found a book full of shit.

And all we'd need to do to fix the issue of specific "kits" ((some people do make their own anyway)) is simply address it with that this group is comprised of people that enjoy this as a hobby. And we are all on our own budgets. Unless this progresses and we get gov. grants to feilds and such were we could start building up rental "kits" that we could get more people involved with. Same as the re-enactor groups out there today do it. Go down and rent a red coat and try to fight off the Blue coats.
You have to look at this in the context of the current mindset of our government and the law. Guys with antique muzzle loaders or swords playing war is not a very threatening thing. Guys running around with current military patterns carrying what appears to be illegal assault rifles, well, you don't need to be a genius to figure that out.

Now Skruface has a good idea. You can't have a replica of a muzzle loader. It is exempt from the law on both real and replica grounds.

Now tell me, how would you go about getting either government approval or as some suggest funding to use illegal replicas? I can tell you for 101% certainty that you will get neither. Now, if you could prove it falls on grounds of remembering our historical events (ie promoting Canadian culture), perhaps you have a chance. But what realistic bureaucrat will approve of a bunch of white guys re-enacting "Black Hawk Down" in southern Ontario. You'd need to have alot of Somalians involved, find a desert setting, etc. to even have a hope.

But you may have a chance with the Riel Rebellion, or the Plains of Abraham battle perhaps. But that's not possible or even likely with guys in MARPAT or Cadpat using MP5's or M4's.

I mean, c'mon!!

Re-enactments happen quite alot in the U.S.. Look at what they do and see how it fits with what you guys are proposing. Then add in that their re-enactments would never be approved by our useless government, then you'll see what you're up against and tailor your strategy accordingly.
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