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Let me just say before I get flamed, that I don't know Snake Doctor personaly, nor do I know his maturity level, but the same can be said for all you "age verified" members.

There are over 7500 minors licsensed to posess non-restrictred firearms (Yes, "Real Steel" as you call them), but when was the last time you heard about a 15 year old taking his 12guage and shooting cars for fun? Yet, as you on ASC claim, these minors are not mature enough to handle a (comparatively) toy gun.

When can an underage person handle something like that legally? Or have it in their possession? Never, unless the actual legal owner is right there to let you use it under supervision. This is exactly the same as for a real gun.
(Greylocks said this)
This is false. Being in posession of a firearm has nothing to do with age, but rather licsenseing. That means, you can't lend your .50 BMG to your 40 year old friend (who is a policeman and an ex- US Navy Seal and "Special Ops Ranger") who doesn't have a licsense, but you could lend your .50 BMG to me, a little "immature" minor as you at ASC would say.

Looking at some of those gallery pics, I don't think some of you guys should own airsoft guns (pointing guns at unmasked people's faces at point blank with finger on the trigger). But then again, thats for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to decide, not for any ordinary Canadian citizens to decide. So I'm not going to try to say that you have to be "Maturity varified" or "Reta*d proffed" just because I have a grudge against you. Its the federal gov'ts job to make the laws, not ordinary Canadians.

That is correct, you cant even touch one UNLESS the legal owner is there with you. That is what ownership is seen as; the instant the item is in your hands, it's in your legal control. So that means you own it for the duration. You cant do that with a Replica.
As you have said, airsoft is a grey area. You (at 40 some odd)can not purchase a replica device. If your airsoft gun shoots 407fps +, the RCMP says it is an airgun.
I understand you guys dont want me in the sport cause of my age (15), but Im sure if given a chance, I can show how cooperative and mature I am.
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I am under 18, and I am trusted with a real gun, but not an airsoft gun :wink:

Making up federal laws is the Federal Government's job

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