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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Fishing line tripwires attached to those little cheap hand-held alarms serve as really good (and annoying) "mines".
You could also use the same type of alarm system you find in many stores. The ones that beep as you cross the door or cut off an infrared laser beam?
These really do work. Another good one is the magnetic door ones. It comes in 2 pieces, the actual alarm unit, and a small magnet. They're designed to be stuck to a door or window so that one piece is on the moving part, and another is on the frame. When the two peices seperate, there's a magnetic switch in there that closes and sets off a 110? db alarm or something loud and obnoxiuos like that. These work well in sand, buried just under the surface so a boot would disturb them, or the obvious attach it to doors.

You can find both the hand-held alarms and the door alarms at Dollarama. Which itself is a god-send of a store.
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