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Perhaps none of you guys have been involved in something like this where your property gets confiscated unlawfully. As long as you are not doing anything illegal with it they can not take it away from you. I’ve had things confiscated from me on number of occasions and I’ve got them back successfully every time with or without court's assistance.

As far as that news article explains those guys didn’t commit any crimes or illegal acts using the replicas. Running around and between houses with a plastic gun is not a crime. Trespassing is a chargeable offence, but not having a plastic gun in your hand. They were dumb for doing that but maybe they were just running up and down the street shooting each other. Bad judgment - yes! Illegal - not in any way. Did they shoot anyone or point it at anyone? Doesn’t appear to be that way.

So I guess next time im having a sword fight with my son on my drive way using our plastic replica ninja swords I hope no one calls the police and my swords get taken away.

Not sure why everyone is so scared of the law on this site? The law is there to protect you, your rights and your property. Not to put you away for something you did not commit or b/c you might appear to be a 'bad person'.

That would go down well in front of the Judge; "Your Honour, I want the gun/sword/weapon I used carelessly in a crime/infraction back because I'm now a good boy?"
Which crime exactly did they commit using those guns? They tresspassed at most, which has nothing to do with them having those guns, so they did not use any weapon carelessly, as you said, in their crime of tresspassng.

Please, forget whatever a cop tells you regarding air soft weapons. Cop is not the law nor is he the judge. Cop is there to charge you with anything he or she possibly can, but as long as you do not point your air soft at that cop or anyone else the charge will not stick and you have the right to get your property back.

Does talking on your cell phone about drugs make you a drug dealer? You'd be surprized but to a cop it does.
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