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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
Agreed (w/ Grey and Brian). This would legitimize the sport for us. Airsoft, the term, is now forbidden.

Airsofting = Military Re-Enacting or MRE
AEG = Military Re-Enacting Devices or MREDs

Although this sounds sarcastic, we should attempt to use the Military Re-enacting terminology as often as possible. I know MRE has other uses, but who cares.
BBs = Military Re-Enacting Device Non Pyrotechnic Simulated Amunition? MREDNPSA?

Seriously though, it would appear that the re-enactment route is the way to go, perhaps we shoul really get going with the CAA (Canadian Airsoft Alliance), and try to get a speaking body for the various clubs,teams and regions to represent the players while negotiating with the government? It's an idea I've suggested we ressurect before, but I think it has a better chance now.
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