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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post

That's how you do it. Not by bitching at MP's or writing letters.
I disagree. That's the ONLY way to do it. To get anything done legally, you must involve Parliment. The CFC, CBSA, RCMP, and even the justice system cannot make up laws or change the CCC. Sure, they can choose not to enforce them, but that's what they're doing already. You need to get support from the people we voted into office. We can claim we're Re-Enactors, Starship Troopers, whatever, but unless somebody actually changes anything in the CCC, we are still in the same position.

As for your question Lucky. Invite them to an airsoft game (now to be known as MRE - see another thread on that). Anybody in their right mind will see that we're not a bunch of YAHOOs. We're responsible, and promote safety. As much as we hate paintball, it's legal. Draw some parallels to it, but show that what we do is far more controlled and responsible. Just a thought.

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