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The point I am trying to make is, I hope, clear. And also note that this is far from new.
(I am aware about the gun laws. I have legally owned guns, restricted, and prohibited, for close to 30 years now).

Problem number 1 with airsoft; there are no clear laws about them. They are either banned, or replicas, or a bit of both.
It is not illegal to own a replica. True. Buying one IS a problem. Nice catch based on no clear laws.

The gun culture in Canada, in any form, has near ZERO support. Fact.
Getting a normal firearm is difficult, but not impossible, because there are checks and balances in place that require effort to fulfill.
Since getting a real gun is a problem based both on political correctness bullshit backed by Laws and fear, mentioning anything that is not even clearly legalized IS a problem.

Second problem based on perceptions; we are using Replicas of Prohibited or completely banned items. If regular guns are badly seen, forget machine guns.

You wind up lobbying against an entire anti-gun culture backed by laws.

Fact; laws about airsoft are unclear at best.
Fact; current political views are against it, rabidly.
Fact; there are far from enough of us to even start anything.

IF we had clear laws, and a large lobby group (and history) of reenactors to come on board with us, we might have a chance. We dont have either.

So if you really want to start being recognized, I have a suggestion that would be fairly easy to start; to call ourselves REENACTORS in the formal sense of the word and recreate modern battles, tactics, etc as much as the musketry enthusiasts do.
For modern battles, we need 'modern' guns.
That would mean we'd immediately have a perfectly legal reason to purchase replicas for historical purposes, and as long as we'd open games to visitors we could legally say we are Teaching about battles and tactics, equipment, etc.

That's how you do it. Not by bitching at MP's or writing letters.
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