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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Concealed weapon, Improper transport, and weapons dangerous... all of these offenses carry the potential for jail time. yet the police don't charge.. Why?
Two reasons:

1. Its possible the cop simply does not know. Possible but doubtful.
2. They have enough court time on their hands and they have to choose between spending it on real crime or spending it on prosecuting someone with a kids toy. Hmmmm go to court to help convict a rapist or go to court to put some idiot in jail for being... an idiot.

Bottom line is when they finally investigate it fully, most of these people are just playing with toy guns and aren't using them in the commission of a crime and are just showing bad judgement in an isolated instance. But that doesn't sell newspapers, so, you have to blow it up into some kind of issue and make headlines like those ones. I think this is yet another example of lieberal media anti-gun bullshit just working towards keeping anti-gun culture alive and well in Canada.

The real solution? Change the heads of the 4 largest media groups, let them purge their editorial staff of pinko-lieberal anti-gun nuts with conservatives and half of this goes away over night and you probably will improve the quality of the reporting immensely.

As for the CBC? Fold the damn thing and tear down the building and build a children's park in its place. I have no use for that organization and I resent my tax dollars funding it. (Yes, I know it isn't a CBC article, I am just saying...)
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