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Originally Posted by redhawk_six View Post
You're completely out in left feild. The big problem isnt people playing airsoft in the streets, that rarely happens here. The big problem is the use of airsoft in crimes and airsoft being carried by criminals and "gangster" wannabes. That is what's sparked the comments from Victoria Police, and led to this article.
Agreed ... this is the issue... but also at issue is the police reluctance to charge people with offenses when the replicas are abused.

then the existing laws loose their bite.. and people start looking for other solutions , like outright bans.

Often the problem is that the police don't know the law.. and think that because it is not a "real gun" they can't do anything.

in the media piece quoted.. the police state that "it is not illegal to carry around a replica"

Which could not be farther from the truth.. Carrying a replica .. say in your waistband under your shirt. breaks 3 distinct sections of the Criminal code.

Concealed weapon, Improper transport, and weapons dangerous...
all of these offenses carry the potential for jail time. yet the police don't charge.. Why?

Is it because the judiciary won't convict? .. is it because the charges are easily defended? ... Is it actualy because the police don't know the law?
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