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No. You guys are just to aragant to see it. So you can sit here and pout all you want day after day after day about how 'idiots' cause these problems. But when you aren't willing to see the issue, than the only idiot here is you.
How the hell are we "too arrogant to see it" ? We see the problem, but there's nothing we can do about it. If someone is inclined to rob a bank with a replica, he is going to do so; If someone is stupid and wants to play on the street, he/she is going to do so. Proper gun education (safe handling,storage, etc...) is out of the question...

So pout all you want, but the problem won't go away until someone realizes what has to be done to change the problem.
I suppose you know exactly what needs to be done? Yeah, ofcourse you do.. cause-what? You've been on the forums, and in the loop for 2 months (maybe less) now?

If the issue keeps existing, than the solution that was put into effect, simply isn't working. Which means a new solution has to be made.
WTF are you even talking about? The solution is to ban crappy-tire-crap-soft, or atleast make it harder to get. But do you honestly think they're going to ban something that makes as much money as that? NO.

My age has nothing to do with realizing the problem. You just seem to use it as an excuse to make it look like I don't know anything.
You DON'T know anything. If you knew anything , you'd know that there has already been action taken to prevent the ban...and I assure you, it wasn't run by some snotty little shat like yourself.

so can you shut the hell up already? Have you even held an airsoft gun before? Why are you wasting your time crying about it.. Go get into some pre-pubescent emo bitch's pants.

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