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Where do you draw the line of what is threatening? Is my avatar threatening? I'm pointing a gun, just not directly at that camera. Some people find the mere photo of a gun threatening. We're going to end up deleting most photos from this site if he try not to scare soccer moms.
True, its my perception, and maybe others too. I'm not threatend by a avatar because I understand it. But the guns alone appear threatening to some. Having them pointed at the camera is a pointing at the person veiwing.
No I don't want to please soccer moms, but I do understand "anti gun" types way of thinking, and I'm sure most other do to. At the moment things are hot. Any good lawyer will tell you before a court case is don't say or do anything incriminating. Weather we see it that way or not, some will and do. I've had plenty of my wifes friends completely frown on the fact that I play this."Why would you play a game that simulates war and violence?" This is what I've heard in so many words twice. While the mainstream is paying attention maybe things that they wouldn't understand and never will could be avoided.

Disagree as you will, but the fact is the article touches on quotes made by a respectable retailer, and bent to come out negative.

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