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Originally Posted by SnakeDoctor View Post

My age has nothing to do with realizing the problem. You just seem to use it as an excuse to make it look like I don't know anything.
your age has a lot to do with the problem and so does everyone else that is a child (you are a child)but feels they are responsible or mature enough, every time a child circumvents the processes we have in place now to aquire an airsoft weapon they weaken our stand against soccer moms.

I am all for "something" to happen proactively with us a community, but you shouldn't really be adding anything to the conversation if you are under age.
we don't ask 14 year olds for driving instructions

how about you hold your comments on activism within airsoft until you can legally own airsoft

Now have your fit, if you were mature enough you would understand that this is a sport for adults and you can wait, but you won't
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Originally Posted by kos View Post
I swear, I didn't find out about it till I got home from bangin' little miss rotten-crotch!

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