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Now this is nothing person, I don't want to insult you - but did you read the article, or think before posting? The 'standard' 'flog the commoners' routine won't cut it. The article has nothing to do with people posing with their toys and taking pictures. You're actually going to have to think about the situation, and think about solutions, with your own brain.

Problems :
#1 criminals using replica guns
#2 idiots being careless with replica guns

Now the thing is for you to propose a solution that doesn't harm you, and other innocent people, but does affect the problem groups.

Otherwise the standard gov't solution will come down: Ban everything and start throwing people in jails. This solution is not good, because you see it does not reduce idiots, and it does not reduce criminals. The standard gov't solutions are collective punishment, where you and I become criminals for owning airsoft, and that is all. Criminals robbing a store don't care if airsoft is illegal, idiots are still idiots, but you and I suffer.

Also keep in mind that if you try to appease anyone they view that as an admission of both guilt and weakness, and will only push harder against you. If you give an inch, they will take a mile.

Good luck!
You think that was my whole solution to the problem??? Droc posted up last year when the school shootings took place in Montreal, a picture of the shooter and a airsofter both pointing guns at the camera. Very little difference except one guy was a phycopath and the other was one of us. We should try to at least avoid a out lash from busy bodies that could use our wanna be poses against us. That is just a small issue we could clean up. If we are so responsible and respectable...And some are, then maybe getting rid of the "threatening looks" would be an easy fix from our side. The rest of the political solutions regarding laws and airsoft I haven't even touched on. But the fact that the writer is using quotes from ASC armoury just means they can find more on airsoft that can be taken out of context!

Now think before you post.

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