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Seems in your zeal that you forgot something; when everyone tells you the same thing, maybe there's a reason for it.

Airsoft is not dying, it's DISCRETE and THAT is how it survives.
Tell yourself whatever you need to. You've got far more invested in the sport than I, so you'll suffer proportionally more for your folly. If your own self-interest can't motivate you I'm not going to try pep-talks.

When gun-grabbers start talking, you'd do best to listen. They talk a bit (trial balloon - gauge support/resistance), then they work behind the scenes, then the next you hear they're voting on a bill.

Firearms community tried the tactic of being good little Canadians - It Does Not Work. The gun-grabbers play for keeps, they're out for blood every day all day, they don't have mercy and they don't respect you or your hobby. They just start shouting at the top of their lungs, and if you don't holler back you lose the 'debate'. Their policies don't have to make sense, they don't have to have a specific purpose, it's enough that they could be a stepping-stone for a purpose, or that they could be a prelude to a policy that does make sense. They are vicious sneaky people, and they have nothing for you but contempt.

Here's a video of actual law being made, how simply it's done.

Right now, we'd attract the attention of the authorities about something we're "maybe" supposed to have? Is that what you want?
You've read the laws same as I have, you know possession is not a crime, and most firearm laws specifically do not apply to replicas.

Unauthorized possession of prohibited weapon or restricted weapon
(2) Subject to subsection (4) and section 98, every person commits an offence who possesses a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device, other than a replica firearm, or any prohibited ammunition, unless the person is the holder of a licence under which the person may possess it.

That is why we're telling you and everyone to be quiet and patient. There are times when it's best to do that.
For Christ's sake, at least set up a fund for donations to help fight court cases or something. People WANT to help, WANT to be doing something. Like if Asia Pacific had a better lawyer, they could have fought when the gov't said the airsoft gun in the opthalmology journal was a different model then the ones in question, so the evidence was discarded. Even though the airsoft guns in question were MORE powerful than the one in the article which was to prove bodily harm could occur!

Look at real guns; it's a bitch to buy anything, there's tons of red-tape, but there IS red-tape that is clear to follow.
That's a loaded statement, no gun owner is going to fall into the trap of saying it's not hard to buy a firearm Let me assure you that the process is thorough, but that most of the red tape comes at the beginning. Hopefully the new gov't will keep it's word and cancel the long-gun registry, though - not because it's too too great a delay, but because it's wrong on principle.

Airsoft; no red-tape, no real laws, no classification, should not even be available.
Another loaded statement, things like that could do more harm than silly posed pictures.
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