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Seems in your zeal that you forgot something; when everyone tells you the same thing, maybe there's a reason for it.

Airsoft is not dying, it's DISCRETE and THAT is how it survives.

If the laws were clear, airsoft could be promoted far better (like the UK did), but they are not.

If they were clear, we could attract and promote with something to stand on.

Right now, we'd attract the attention of the authorities about something we're "maybe" supposed to have? Is that what you want?

That is why we're telling you and everyone to be quiet and patient. There are times when it's best to do that.

Look at real guns; it's a bitch to buy anything, there's tons of red-tape, but there IS red-tape that is clear to follow. Airsoft; no red-tape, no real laws, no classification, should not even be available.

If you cant understand the situation, I am sorry. Bitching wont change a single thing.
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