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Lucky your very right. A solution that can help the Airsoft reputation to be showed as a past-time that people with MATURITY play.

The people on the streets with their guns aren't considered to be playing Airsoft, because they are in a designated field. There just acting like idiots to think that someone who sees them in camo and look-a-like guns wouldn't call the cops on them.

A program or something should be put in place through all the retailers, that when they maybe sell the guns either in person or through mail, that they could maybe send a pamphlet or give them one defining the rules of Airsoft and the laws surrounding it.

Many times people don't do their research, they don't come on this website, and go ahead and buy the guns. Thats why people are running around. They just simply aren't INFORMED. Thats the root problem, if they knew they could be charged, if they knew their $500 guns would be taken and destroyed, only the idiots who are criminals would use it for a crime.

Uninformed people, thats the problem.
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