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That's right Chief, ban the replicas because we all know they're the ones causing all the trouble. Idiots. It's the actions of the person using the replica that should be punished, not the destruction of a finely molded piece of plastic that is harmless anywhere but in a man's hands.

We should conduct a video test where someone gets shot by an airsoft gun a few times then get repeatedly beaten over the head with a baseball bat, maybe they'll ban American's favorite past time while they're at it.

Bakas, all of them.

I also decided to add what i said in a conversation with contribution from BBS:

"we might as well ban cars while we're at it and force everyone to ride bicycles. then again, i'm pretty sure you can beat people with a bike, so everyone will have to walk. then again, you can kick someone severely, so off go our legs. you know what, let's just commit mass genocide so we don't have to worry about moronic humans"

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