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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
/Political correctness

If you don't like the policies of this board or it's moderators, feel free to get the fuck out. Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.

Calling the moderators (or anyone else, for that matter) stupid simply because they disagree with your position on the matter, you are uninformed of what has been done in the past, and/or have not taken the time to go back and research the 5+ years of airsoft history in Canada on this discussion board is downright infantile.

If you're so gung-ho to get a "save airsoft" petition or letter-writing campaign going, don't sit here and bitch about how no one supports your idea.

Get off your ass and make it happen without us.

If you don't like the policies of this board or it's moderators, feel free to get the fuck out. Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.

I can't hear you, you've still got a lot of sand in your mouth, either keep your head down there or wash your mouth out before talking, buddy.

You think I've been hiding in the shadows here for the last 8 months? I got tired of the official policies, and I just dropped by to see how worked up people were about the new attempts to ban airsoft (which I learned about on other forums), and how I could help. Surprise surprise, nothing's changed.

Dude, you think that I didn't read all the 'stuff that's already been tried'? I read it, and it's NOT enough. Heck one deleted thread we were talking about hiring a lobbiest, but that sort of discussion is Verboten here.

Personally I think people like you who hide behind past efforts of other people from years ago are just lazy pigs. Feel free to brush the Dorito dust off your fingers before typing some more.

For Christ's sake. To be honest the sport is dying, and no-one who cares about it is going to step up and save it so I'm just moving on. I'll play in the summers until it gets banned outright, but I see it coming so I won't be surprised. Luckily I didn't spend too much money on airsoft guns, so when the hammer falls I won't be too deep in it.

I'm trying out NRA F-class, 3-gun matches this summer and IPSC, so there are other shooting sports out there, just more expensive and less active, and louder. Those guys and gals care enough about their sports to be pro-active.

Originally Posted by Greylocks
How about YOU follow some of the established rules and get yourself age-verified before bitching that some things are not done properly?

The rest has been said; inform yourself.
Lol, it's nice to have so many regulars drop by and tell us there is nothing to be worried about, it reinforces my point. Unfortunately my point isn't constructive - I'm not suggesting anything else be done (that gets a thread deleted too quick), I'm just complaining. And the thing I'm complaining about isn't procedural, it's the lack of activity. And the official policy discouraging activism

Just keep shooting your mouth off, you're an institution. I've tried several times, giving the written information to people at games, if it's not going to happen it's just not, no skin off my back. I can buy a shotgun from Marstar, but not a pellet pistol from ASC, heh to be honest it's cheaper to buy real steel and they last longer Probably saving me money.

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