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Brian I agree that a letter writing campaign isn't the way to go, but some sort of action is better then "let's just wait and see."

I don't know what the best solution is but I am sure there are people on ASC that do know what actions to take. The problem I see is that ASC is a standard for airsoft in canada and anytime anyone comes up with an idea the powers that be here at ASC trash the idea. It is a flawed system that doesn't support lobby development. Like you said Brian the community is fractured and that is the issue.

I am not trying to portray myself as someone that has the answers, i just think support from the community would bear more fruit.

Deltaop1 you stated This would stop the flow of airsoft replicas and cure the problem over time. Do you even play airsoft? you do understand what will happen to airsoft if you can't purchase AEGS
what happens when you want to buy a new AEG then?
Ya thats a Good Idea

This is only my 2 cents.... now flame away
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