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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
This is true... but just what do you think can be done about it?

Do you think that a letter writing blitz by a fractured community stating basically " don't make them illegal we like to shoot each other with them"
is going to hold much water?
Well it worked in the UK didn't it? I think the only way we could secure airsoft in Canada (because lets face it, it isn't exactly solid, we are treading on very thin ice it would seem) is to have airsoft written into legislation. Just stick a one liner at the bottom of the bill, doesn't take much and then treat them as real firearms if there is an encounter with the law. If you are fucking stupid enough to commit a crime with a replica/airsoft gun, then you deserve to be shot...sort the wheat from the chaff.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
We as a community have to illustrate that we have zero tolerance for abuse.. and are advocates for strong enforcement of existing laws.
This i aggree with totally, but to be honest i think we need some form of definitive classification for airsoft weapons, not having airsoft fall into one category or another is just too confusing for both the powers that be and us as a community. If things were clear then we would have far fewer problems.

I mean lets face it, the public faces a far greater threat from real weapons. You can get hurt a hell of a lot more from some drugged up muppet with a needle and a plank of wood who is trying to rob you, than from some fuck tard with a gun that shoots plastic bb's!

I'm all for keeping airsoft safe, but i think the only way to do this in the long term is to have it classified in the law and how that happens would have to be discussed between the law makers and us as a community.

I think its bloody rediculous that in canada it is against the law to have replica weapons, but some idiot can pass a test and get his PAL.
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Smelly troll is smelly.
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