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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
You don't find this a little dishearting:
The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police has twice called for the manufacture, sale and possession of replica guns to be prohibited and the Canada Safety Council has asked the federal government to bring fake weapons and pellet guns under the Hazardous Products Act.
I think they have a lot more power then we, as a community, have in regards to making policy changes and it.
But airsoft is ok............sure
This is true... but just what do you think can be done about it?

Do you think that a letter writing blitz by a fractured community stating basically " don't make them illegal we like to shoot each other with them"
is going to hold much water?

What we should be doing as a community is lobbying for the existing laws to be properly enforced with respect to abuse of the items. We as a community have to illustrate that we have zero tolerance for abuse.. and are advocates for strong enforcement of existing laws.

look at the most recent cases... both clear abuses of these items... in both cases no charges.. guns confiscated..

Then they blame the guns as being the problem...

It is again an example of failure to enforce the law as it exists and trying to solve the problem by making more laws.

If these guys got busted.. tossed in the can and charged with weapons offenses like they should have been then others may take note and realize that these things are not toys..
And maybe there would be fewer instances of abuse.
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