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There is no threat, well sort of

to the activity of using mostly harmless weapon simulators to shoot at your friends in an area designated for that use, or on private property where you can't be easily observed.

There is no current threat to the legal ownership of Replicas by Individuals.

There is.. and always will be a threat to the trade in Imitation Firearms that could be classified as replicas.

Airsoft does not need saving..

Anyone who talks about "saving airsoft" needs to review the laws and issues surrounding it.

The reason that any talk of activism is quashed is because activism is likely only to reduce the likelyhood that the classification of airsoft guns will remain unclear.
Right now.. as is evidenced by the spate of local and not so local police reporting of the issues of Replica guns.. the police still consider these incidents to be an improper use of a toy that could result in a tragedy.

Most municipalites already have pellet and bb gun bans in place, in that it is illegal to discharge them inside town/city limits.

There are already lots of laws in place to deal with abusers, both at the municiple, Provincial and federal level.

The one thing that we do need to keep an eye out for is a move to definitivly classify specific makes , models and types of airsoft guns as replicas therby elimitating the trade in them except between licensed businesses.

As individual owners and users of airsoft guns the current laws are more than sufficient to protect our legal right to own them.. and to punish abusers.
There is no reason to believe that there would be any desire on the part of the federal government to relax these laws. Poking at this won't make it better.
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