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Originally Posted by tito_1985 View Post
So what you are saying is that you assaulted a person using a replica firearm. See this is the stuff that we can't let happen in our community. You could have done something other than putting our sport in danger. Good job buddy way to think that one through.
I did think it through. As I stated, nobody but me and the dirtbags could see what was happening, or else I wouldn't have done it. Would it have mattered if I used a CT softair springer, or a .177, or chucked hockey pucks at them? I could have taken a much meaner, less BB shooting device from the next locker over and just claimed PTSD made me do it.

Originally Posted by flack View Post
wtf... Ill keep it clean... but you are retarded.
I already admitted as much. Like I said, it's not a wise idea.
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