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I'm from Victoria. That rag of a newspaper couldn't be more hippie-centric if it were printed on hemp paper. The police in the city are faced with 2 major groups that are often at odds with each other: the rich folk who pretty much own the city, and the hippie tree hugging retards that do nothing but protest any little thing they can focus on.
Like any police, they're just fine if you approach them in a reasonable manner. I lived in a condo right downtown for a few years, 2 blocks from the police station. I'd often find druggies shooting up or hookers turning tricks the the driveway of my building. I called the cops the first few times, but nothing ever happened as a result. They're stretched pretty thin as it is. Now I know this is generally a stupid move, and I DO NOT condone it in any way, but after getting frustrated about these shitbiscuits leaving their needles and condoms in my driveway, whenever I'd see them I'd grab a GBB and shoot at them til they fucked off. Again, I DO NOT recommend anyone else doing this, and yes I am a retard for doing it myself. In my circumstance my condo was arranged in such a manner that I could do all this with the public being unable to view any of it. I imagine that's why my building's driveway was such a draw for these folks.
My building had been broken into a couple of times, and the scuzzbags took stuff from the store rooms in the basement, including a ton of my issued kit. Both times the police were called as per normal, and I had to run home from work for a bit to deal with it. The attending officers both times recognized me as "the guy who shoots the druggies". They got a chuckle out of it, and urged me to keep it low key, which I did. So there's another side of the same police office that you'll never read about in the paper. Especially the Times Communist.

Again, please don't be a goof and do what I did. It just ain't cool.
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