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Private Parts G36 Magwell Conversion

The Private Parts G36 Magwell conversion allows TM/CA/STAR G36 users to convert their AEG's to a more commonly available, cheaper (and usually more compatable with your teammates) Armalite M4/M16 magazines. I ordered the part from Redwolf, $36 USD, about $50 CDN shipped, I got a bunch of other items so that's a roundabout figure.

Installation is a snap. Remove the one pin that holds the original magwell, press in the mag release, swing the magwell forward and off. Reverse to install the new part. The original mag release stays put, but no longer functions as such. The color blends in fine on my TM.

In testing I used a TM low and hi cap, a MAG 100rnd midcap, an AE hicap, and an ICS low and hicap. While there was a fair bit of wobble with all the mags (about 1/8" side to side, 1/4" front to back) none of the mags came out of the magwell, even with a fair bit of force. I've read the newer versions will deal with the wobble issue. All mags fed flawlessly, except for the AE hicap, it misfed quite a bit. All mags inserted and released fine. The P.P. magwell has the release on the left side only, so your mag changes are still two handed. I can't see an easy way to convert it to right hand or ambi. There may be some concern with the mags releasing if the gun hits your gear, but I didn't have a problem on gameday.

In actual use, I only used the MAG mags. I played in -17°C for several hours. I had zero problems, loading, unloading or feeding other than I'm used to the flap mag release and forgot to bring a dump pouch.

It definately changes the look of the G36 though. But like it or not, it provides another option for those who don't want an armalite, but are stuck with armalite based gear.

- Ease of installation
- Allows use of easier to obtain and cheaper mags
- Allows for more gear choices for mag storage
- Allows for more mags to be carried

- Left hand release only
- mag wobble (possibly only the original version)
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