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I used to be a technician for LG and Samsung, I Repaired under warrenty All sorts of TVs, Plasma, Projection, CRT etc etc. I had hundreds of discarded CRT TVs with intact Picture Tubes, many which i took my M4 or my Sig at b4 tossing or scrapping (diagnosis frustration gets to you at times).
The TV "IS" Rigged, because the CRT Tube is an active vaccume. Meaning the first few shots would make the glass or chipped glass suck in or implode depending on how much you weaken the glass. Second of all, Even if you had the TV Plugged In, The High Voltage Transformer Inside (Also known as the Flyback) Would Short, and 90% of the time, due to the chances of a BB hitting and snapping a ground wire off the board and onto a contact from a high voltage line and NOT blowing a capacitor or a Zenar Diode RIGHT AWAY Before Blowing the Transformer AND Continue to Blow the 2nd Time. In my professional Opinion. Not Happening. Further more, theres nothing inside a CRT Tv to make it catch fire like that, nevertheless burn. Theres very little thats flammable inside the TV. The only way i can see that happening is maybe the tv was plugged in AND the mainboard was doused in Gasoline, Note how when the bbs are hitting the glass initially, its white smoke. That would probobly be either some phosphor or just the dust from the glass or the coating inside the CRT Vaccume Tube. But when the fire ignites, Its Black smoke. My Money is on doused with gasoline.

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