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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
I'll agree with ZeonPrime as he agrees with Scarecrow. In Addition, this article was better produced than the previous attempts. Not exactly clear, but vague enough to wonder why this was even on the news?
I'm glad we all agree. Those pinching contests we have in Morbius's hottub after planning our latest plots to dominate Canadian airsoft when we disagree, leave my nipples sore. And no Jeroon, for the last time, I am not wearing pants into the hot tub.

Its near the end of the broadcast in the local section so it was one of those community interest stories. Actually I am surprised that it was permitted to run, given our lieberal dominated press. Anything pro-gun in any fashion usually gets the attention of the anti-gun advocates and I was surprised that you didn't have Wendy Culkier giving her opinion - which usually results in some anti-gun/violent youth/coming of the apocolypse statement of some kind. I think it flew past the radar because of the way it was bundled with FAC and while the guns appeared on camera, they were not the sole focus of the piece. I am wondering if we're finally seeing a cleanout of lieberals inside the press. The conservatives have momentum, the senate is no longer appointed, two things are left, the beaurocracy and the media, the media being the critical part.

I agree/disagree with Blackthorne's angle on this in that I agree that at some point we need to make a stand and come out of the darkness and declare who we are, what we do and why we have a right to do it. Where I disagree is I think there ARE times that will favor proactive exposure and times that won't. Times that won't are times like when Jane Creba gets shot, or in the middle of a mediafest over a major gunfight incident at Dundas and Yonge. We will get lumped into the pro-gun advocacy group and painted with the same brush.

In fact I am convinced its the conservative swing that is allowing us to have a positive message like this out there. If we get a conservative majority and the long gun registry is truely eliminated and other ineffective and expensive gun control legislation is scrapped and reworked and real gun owners culture is no longer 'suppressed' I think this will lead to a huge opportunity for airsoft to become more mainstream a la paintball or like airsoft in the United States. Right now we are pariahs because we supposedly represent a lunatic fringe minority (I've been called that before). Remember, gun owners had to fight for things like IPSC and PPC to have them recognized as a sport. Airsoft has to undergo the same kind of fight to gain legitimacy. Then you can go after the CCRA on its unfair interpretations of importation of airsoft and get a clear category defined for airsoft so that there is no ambiguity about replica firearms, airsoft and other such legislative problems. Then airsoft can become, truely, the sport it needs to be.
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