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I just caught that A-Channel blurb myself!

Something to the effect of, "...police wasting valuable time and money in attempting to keep track of replicas... blah-blah-blah." with the news caster/unknown hands slapping the mag in a TM Desert Eagle/different shot/holding and aiming a couple of Armalites.

I'll be glued to the news at 11:00!

EDIT: 11:12 PM

Appears as though they're (media wise) attempting to spin the incident as "tax payer money concern" vs criminal element angle. The "replica" they confiscated at the begining of the story belonged to a "known street person", "who led them to the replica upon his arrest." I must admit I found the comments by the Police Inspector to be shallow and uninformed i.e. "Ask any police officer, no. Ask any police officer's wife, and they'll tell you there should be a ban on these things." The story leaned toward the burdon of police response to "gun calls" and the money involved in a small local force vs. perceived day to day crime fighting.

There was no mention of 007 in this version of the story that I can recall.

They made no mention of the sport, the responsibilities and care that professional, respectful and law abiding airsoft player undertake. Nor did they mention Canadian Tire and their selling of "clear soft" guns, nor the irresponsible actions of persons who may purchase these types of cheap junk and end up waving them around to look cool and bling.

Over all, I feel, their (A-Channel) story will blow over in a few days, as I found it biased and not really an informative piece of jurnalism in my opinion.

Remains to be seen.
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