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Just a thought

Whichever side of the fence you sit on when judging this piece we must remember that, as members of the airsoft community, we must show interest for things that will affect the sport. That being said we should concern ourselves with the possible (miss)interpretations of this piece and all components of it. Please keep in mind while analysing, that the piece had a greater scope than airsoft itself (The "airsoft" sport was not mentioned once) and should be treated as such. This report has been debated and over-analysed over the past 24 hours without fail.
With concern to Brians' comments in the interview we, as members of the comunity, can debate whether he should have or shouldn't have said certain things. We also all have the right to worry about the possible percussions of the statements made and the footage taken. However, we cannot project his comments made during the report onto his business practice, personal self, or devotion to the sport. To do so would be committing an obvious recency perceptual error and we, as a influential and inter-connected community, cannot allow ourselves to make this error.
The comments made discussing Brians' business practices and policies are simply not warranted in this thread as that they do not affect: the comments made, the possible interpretations of the piece, and long run affect on the sport as a whole. I believe that we should start thinking about the future of the sport and leave such (seemingly trivial) debates to either a dedicated thread, or a medium which does not have the ability to (unintentionally) smear the reputation of a member of our community due to lack of reasonable elaboration and replies.
Brian has been servicing the airsoft community in the GTA for some time now and I am sure that any of the players that have been to his sessions will vouch for his love and dedication to the sport. I am sure that any negative consequences that arise from this report will be completely unintentional.
I think it is time for us to start concerning ourselves about how the public eye responds (if at all) rather than the personal reputation and business practices of one man who made comments which could, vaguely as best, be directly linked to the airsoft sport itself.
That is just my two cents.

You can tear me apart anywhich way you wish, but that is what I personally believe.

Sincerely: Ryan
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