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- Just a quick comment, being another player that was there that evening and can also stand behind Global and Brian both informing us all that a segment was being filmed (sometime late November), and for those who did not wish to be on camera, wouldn’t be. - From what I gather, there's the lines of those that like FAC avec Brian and those that don't, and in that, this debate of 'bad publicity vs. positive publicity, lets wait and see' stems up, there after the next debate of $'s vs. time donation comes up. All in all, it's a business, there's rent, bills, staff and equipment to purchase, as well as wages etc., if I could make a buck or two doing something I liked, or hell invest enough to open my own CQB place, or take over a splatters or anywhere, and cash in, of course I would do it (Because it would fund my el camino quest and maybe stack up a 'i arsft' license plate). I don't doubt anyone else wouldn't want to either. The news segment didn’t state airsoft, those in the community would know what it is, those that aren’t might want to try poking around to see what those of us that were there, were doing exactly, plus, Id also like to quickly point out, they didn’t give an address, a location, or contact information with 'For Those Interested in running around shooting at people with plastic pellets three nights a week please call' - I don’t know.. the general public at this point, I'd think, would have forgotten that 2 minute snippet, then there could be the handful of anti-gun folk that'll be all like 'boo hiss down with you fake gun freaks' and the rest of us that are here to play...
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