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I happened to be at FACT on the evening that the footage was shot. Attendees were well informed of the intent of the footage and were quite happy to be filmed while playing airsoft. Perhaps it helped that eye and face protection also obscured their identities. Wow there are even ladies taking to the field so we don't look like a monosexual men only gun club.

After playing at FACT several times now, I am impressed at the level of comraderie and fair play amongst players there. A very high proportion of the players are repeat visitors who make it a point to return frequently which is a good indication that Brian is a good organizer. It's even more impressive that most of Brian's players are recent airsofters (starting within the past year) who have developed into responsible skilled shooters. Brian's brougt a lot of airsofters into the game in a really positive way.

The news report seems to be a bit of a push in the right direction. It portrays airsoft as a game played by a pretty multicultural crowd of players who want to respnsibly enjoy their sport.
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