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The item you seek is the SF kit (sustained fire).

EO 202.01
1. Performance. Use the Sustained Fire (SF) Kit.
2. Conditions
a. Given:
(1) C6 GPMG with complete EIS,
(2) Sustained Fire Kit with complete EIS,
(3) Full fighting order,
(4) Ammunition boxes,
(5) Dummy link rounds 7.62mm,
(6) Target information sheet,
(7) Range table,
(8) Sandbags,
(9) Classroom, and
(10) Section commander or 2IC.
b. Denied: References.
c. Environment: All conditions.

3. Standard. In accordance with specific reference the student will be introduced and will employ the sustained fire kit.

4. Teaching Points/Time/References

a. Contents of the sustained fire (SF) kit.
b. Mount and Dismount the gun and tripod, and safety precaution involved.
c. Loading and Laying the gun onto the target.
d. Use of cover.
TOTAL 3 x 40 min

5. Test Details. Lesson confirmation – Practical confirmation of teaching points:
a. Teaching point confirmation covering the subject material taught.
b. Time allocation for this test should not exceed twenty (20) minutes.
6. Method. Formal lecture. (EDI)
7. Substantiation. This method of instruction was selected as a means of teaching new material; it will allow the student to learn this subject. bien comme moyen pour
8. Training Aids
a. C6 GPMG one (1) per two (2) students.
b. Sustained Fire Kit one (1) per gun.
c. Students to bring FFO.
d. Ammunition boxes one (1) per gun.
e. Dummy link rounds 7.62mm twenty (20) per gun minimum.
f. Range table one (1) per gun.
g. Sandbags half filled three (3) per gun.
h. Suitable targetry.

9. Learning Aids. Nil.
10. Remarks
a. This lesson will focus on the first time user of this sustained fire (SF) kit.
b. As part of the learning cycle students will participate in a range practice to confirm their abilities to properly use/employ this weapon and sustained fire (SF) kit.

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