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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
You're right, but I have heard him say that if you're not satisfied with your experience, don't pay, but don't come back. This was directed to an ATQ1 class.
I will comment on this...

Yup I said it... and I always say that.. or at least intend to..
If you come to TTAC3 and did not get value for the experience then don't pay.. I don't want your money if you don't want to give it to me..

But if you don't pay... don't come back..

Not paying because you did not enjoy yourself.. or receive value... yet showing up again... to not pay... well now you are just taking advantage.

I have also invited people to not come again.. when I found them to be disruptive, untrustworthy, or simply not nice to be around.

As for the money motivation... I gave up in total 23 hours of my weekend to activites at FACT, 16 of those for "airsoft" I took home $50 from a private lesson I did mid day on Sunday teaching one of my students some of the finer points of fencing with the sword and buckler. This is a pretty typical weekend for me.. each and every weekend. All the money goes to feed the monster that is FACT.. so that it exists, and will continue to exist.
This time is of course in excess to the hours I spent compiling notes, designing and writing the Rifleman 101 course over the past few weeks.

This is in addition to the stratigic planning for other upcoming events ..and the ongoing research and writing that I do for other projects in the pipeline, including a couple of projects for the ROM.

All this while trying to stay married.. and holding down a demanding 50 hours a week professional career.
I don't do this for the money... although I apologize to no one for receiving value for the work I do..Even if it only works out to something like $2.00 a hour on a good week.

So this begs the question... why do it? ... the simple answer is, Because I can
and because I enjoy it.. and because I believe that I can have a positive effect on people's lives by the effort. Even if that belief is a fallacy.
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