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I just had a look at the piece and I have to say it was well done.

Brian did do it from the perspective of FAC and as an integrated part of what his facility and his organization offers. The report didn't mention the word "airsoft" at any time throughout the feature, which I think benefits them because it doesn't color them by other more negative reporting where "airsoft" is used to describe a GBB or or other gun some gang-banger had on him when he was arrested. Brian goes to lengths to describe something that is very hard to describe without the associated negative connetations - ie: how people can have an interest in a sport that in all respects resembles a socially negative and violent action, and put it into perspective as a potentially reasonable past time to be enjoyed by your average law abiding citizen. This is the same kind of early argument that won people over in paintball and made it a socially acceptable (to a degree) outlet for people and legitimized the sport.

I also think Brian HAS responded to this community's criticisms and it shows in this piece. He's not going to seek anyone's approval here for it, and I don't think I can blame him for that, as this community is so fragmented, its impossible to please anyone. Instead he's avoided discussing airsoft altogether, and wrappered combat simulation as part of his fighting arts collective, which existed before his association with this community. To say he doesn't have a right to promote that the way he wants to is like saying Hojo doesn't have a right to promote ASC Armoury on this website or that I don't have the right to have a BB website because it might cause Joe citizen to have a negative view of airsoft.

I also have to commend the Global reporting for including in the report a short discussion about WHY this sport is kept quiet and the fact that those who play it are sensitive to the optics of it to the average person. I think that was *excellent*. This shows that on the whole people who play the game are responsible and sensitive members of society and not some lunatic fringe.
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