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I haven't been involved with any of the previous discussions, but I feel that I must say something here.

I think what we all want in the end, regardless of how it is done, to save Airsoft as a sport. I'm sure that we are all members on this forum because we love the sport. But like all Canadians, we like to sit on our rear ends and let others fight our battles for us. This is no different.

I am not defending Brian's actions because there is no need to do so. He has a martial arts club that happens to provide our community with a venue to play. I have played there several times myself. Yes, I have paid my $20 fee each time, but that's no different then going to Sgt. Splatter's and paying to use that facility as well. Brian has a business to run and it takes money to run it. Those who are opposed to this and are independently wealthy, please feel free to provide us with another venue, both indoor and outdoor.

As for the Gobal spot. I feel that any media attention is bad media attention. In Canada, we are gun shy. Politicians will do whatever it takes to win votes regardless of the outcome. Look at the gun registry. It did nothing to curb any gun violence. Any person with a cell in their brain will realize that the guns that kill people are not registered or stolen. The Chief's of Police support it because polictically, they have to.

Look at what happened when P. Kang fought his case. It forced the government to make a decision on something that was in the grey area for a reason. The government recognizes that Airsoft is in Canada and it is tolerated as long as there is nothing negative in the media about it. If we start to petition the government to make a solid decision, then we know what the outcome will be. It will be in favour of the voters and against us.

My opinion is just that, mine. Stay out of the media, out of the government eye, and continue to practice safe and fun Airsofting.

My two cents worth, for what it's worth.
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