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Originally Posted by Colin_S View Post
Brian doesn't run airsoft for the money, anyone who's played at TTAC3 knows that he does it for the enjoyment of the sport. If he was simply in it for the $$$, I doubt he'd be working till 12AM (or sometimes later) on Tues/Fri and Sundays when airsoft CQB sessions are held. Heck I've played games where there are only 4 people, hardly worth his time if his only motivation was money.
I'm not sure anybody but Brian can really comment on his intentions for the Global piece.

Twenty dollars a head, over three days a week, over 4 weeks a month would make $2400 for an average of 10 participants (obviously sometimes more, sometimes less). Judging by the location of TTAC3, that would be a good chunk of the rent money. If you include the other martial arts aspects of the building, he's not doing too bad. But let's be honest, it is a business, and rightly so. He deserves every penny he makes, and I would do the same.

With respect to his love for airsoft... I don't think anybody can doubt he loves it. I don't think he has ever done anything intentionally to harm airsoft. Doing so would only screw himself.

Brian is in a unique situation where he is doing something he likes, and makes money in the process. I bet everybody wishes they were in that position.

Maybe he did the Global thing for the publicity. Maybe he did it to further the sport. Maybe both. He is running a business. If you don't like it, speak with your dollars and don't to go to TTAC3. If he did a disservice to the airsoft community, we'll know. He'll know. HIS business depends on it.

I personally don't like the piece. It could have been done better, but also could have been much worse. Once again, we wait.
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