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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I won't partiicpate in a debate. it has been done..

1. Airsoft is not mentioned in this piece, not once, there is no indication what so ever that the simulators that were used are "airsoft guns" only those familliar with them would recognize them as such.

2. Everyone that was there was asked if they wanted to participate, those that did not.. ( and there was a couple who did not wish to appear on camera ) were not shown on camera. Other than that.. everyone else was excited about the opportunity to "show their stuff".

3. This is not a "airsoft piece" This is a piece about the fighting arts collective, and our programs and approach to the study of martial arts including the use of firearms. Just because we happen to use airsoft guns does not make this a statement about anyone else that also happens to use airsoft guns.

The reporter who did this was interested in the Fighting arts Collective, in general, and our approach to including fireams in training specifically. I think he did a good job of presenting a balanced view and was successful in delivering the message that we hoped he would.

I already am fully aware of what some individuals may think of this... this has been made abundantly clear in the past and I feel no need to rehash it.

It is the people who choose to participate in our events and training that I concern myself with.

Well there goes all those arguments that he doesn't do it for the money or to get more people joining the "membership." Just a $20 fee for a one day membership, that's right and don't forget your textbooks to the next "study."

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