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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
This is true, but technically TTAC3 is a private club only open to members (with $20 buying you a membership pass for the day). So although Brian may have agreed to the situation with Global, I would hope that all the individual members would have agreed. Thankfully nobody was filmed who didn't want to be filmed, but it's kind of crappy to be a member and have to sit out for this photo op.

On the plus side, I'm glad that Global didn't focus on the guns themself. That would have been more alarming than the actual play. It really didn't look like anything other than paintball to the untrained eye. I'm sure any ETF guys seeing the video might have a chuckle as well. Overall, didn't seem too threatening.

Then you get mothers going, "WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?" Because they see the 13 yr old down the street with a crappy-tire crossman armory!

Then this seems a CRAP load more threatening.

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