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Listen All you people who mention the dollar signs in Brians eyes are just wrong. So what if a guy who offers up a space for people to come and enjoy themselves and hang out with like minded people charges a few bucks to pay for things like gas, BB's, hydro and not to mention rent. This is no diffrent than a place like SGT Splatters. The diffrence is that no one else on this forum has done it and we have to HOST games at paint ball fields. You can sit there and feel all high and mighty cuz you don't personaly charge people, but the fact of the matter is that we all have to pay some body in order to play on thier field. It's not like Brian is getting rich off of this! I've been there to play and I've hung around to chat. The people are friendly and the enviornment is cool.
Now... Brian has said on ocasion that he would not keep the media out if the inquired. He has been completely forth coming with all of his doings involved with this sport but He and no one else needs to ask permision from anyone on this forum to conduct his business the way he see's fit. Brian is in constant contact with the RCMP and many municipalities in Toronto and at the field we play on out doors. The surrounding neighbours are always kept up to date as to what's going on when and where we play. I have NEVER seen or heard Brian cut any one down for the things they say or do unless first provoked. As a matter of fact Brian has help many of the individuals that have played on his field in their personal lives, professional lives either through advice, lending an ear, tracking down information and on the occasion lending money. Airsoft will always be played in this country it doesn't matter what is said or done we will find a way. Maybe, one day it will be as popular as paintball and we'll all have more people to play with and more events to attend. So so what if there was a news spot it will all be forgotten one day.

He's actually a very smart guy and likable. My two cents

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