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I've got some ..... for sale. I'm all outta !!!!!! once these last six are gone.
Look this post is not even edited! I have not said a word that defamitory to the great savior of Airsoft In Toronto. Every noob needs a champion. I'm Glad that guys like FRANK and Crazy Choda have a role model. I think it good for the sport to get a little national Publicity now and again from the same source, give the hobby a certain consistancy.
You know at this time of night my mind wanders a little and I recall hearing a story from one of my customers.....
A couple decades ago some asshole shoot up a bunch of people with a Mini 14. Well the news media went to the local gun stores and asked why people bought these Mini 14's and every one said they were a great sporting rifle, for a lttle hunting and target shooting. Except for Nick, the lights and camera went on in his shop and he grinned and looked at the camera and said in his rough, accented voice " Naw, the rifle is a real Man Killer you know!" And that's the quote that played on the news at six and eleven for a few days. That may be a load of crap but thats the story I heard. What do I know, Dude, I sell Pants. But ... Geee whizzz, I'd really like to get a Ruger Mini 14, does anyone know what ever happened to them in Canada?
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