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Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post
That doesn't sound good so far...
that phrase however is too ambiguous to say that it will absolutely be interpreted as negative. war as entertainment occurs in all forms of media; books, movies, news...

there have been criticisms of brian for not consulting the community before talking to reporters, but that request is nearly impossible. there is no general consensus about anything on this board. furthermore, the fear that airsoft will be interpreted in a negative way may come true if the community only focuses on controlling the negative aspects (reckless use, illegal importation). we have to accept that we should give reporters a chance to somewhat positive or neutral airsoft information, as we cannot shape what the news itself reports. of course i do not advocate that every airsofter to reach out to the media, talking on tv/ before a camera is a very difficult task and also unpredictable in terms of later editing, and should be reserved for those who are more articulate and mindful of sensitive words and expressions. that action will dampen the negative effects of whatever neg. themes an article may have.

Initial response from the report on this forum is that it is fairly neutral in that others may interpret this either way. i caution members that those individuals that "have it in" for airsoft will use this report in whatever ways that fit their thinking or dismiss it altogether. we cant change that, but it helps that for those who do not know what airsoft is, they may see it as not a danger to the public. a lack of information has never brought positive results for concerned parties, good info is what we need going out there and perhaps a proactive approach is required.

for members still scared of this report, dont worry there is a silver lining; at least is wasn't in the first 7 mins of the broadcast.:wink:
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