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Yeah, you can use iTunes as a video player for it. Though its a 140 meg download.

Basicly the segment discussed how airsoft is basicly a simulation of modern war, and that its roughly as real you can get without "going to Khandahar". It interviewd both McIlmoyle and an associate of his. They discussed that this is meant purley for entertainment, and that we are not underground, but unkown. An unkown player is quoted as saying something to the effect of "Your running around in low light conditions with a submachinegun shooting your friends, its a recipie for fun". There was no real editorial comment on players being gun nuts, terrorists, or what have you. Through by the same token Airsofters are portrayed, in Brians word to be "deconstructing violence in order to better understand it", and are shown to be training in other forms of martial arts. This may come back to bite us later on, but I will save the editorial for later.

That was the jist of the segment. I'm hoping someone else more technically literate will be able to cut the appropriate section out of the podcast and post it on Youtube, or something of the like for general consumption.

* all quotes are approximates, not literal quotes.
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