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NAM airsoft magazine, IS GREAT


Ok so after hearing lots of good reviews i decided to pick up an issue of the Nam at AEX, i was in the car about to leave when i decided to go back and pick up another copy, don't know why. So now i had issue 11 and 12. Next i got home and started reading. Man i loved it, Great reviews, Lots of news no one on the forums knew, It was thick, hardly any advertising, Truthful words, and excellent photography.

The next day i joined the forums. Found some pretty good prices in the classifieds, and something about Schwag'n'fragfest 2007. It was a contest that gave away hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. You had to find hidden items on their website and then email them when you found the link. Thank god i went back to AEX and picked up issue 12 because they asked me a question from issue 12 in order to get the prize. I've won two prizes totaling about 110 dollars. And hopefully will win another contest in February.

So i got lots of info from their reviews, basically got their mags for free from all the prizes, and will continue to buy their magazines everytime another issue comes out.

The things that helped me out most from their magazine was letting me know that their was 2 fields close by me, gave me an excellent review of WA and the TM famas, and i've even talked with the staff. I've talked to reaper a lot and he's a real nice guy. Has the patience for me and helps me out with a lot of stuff. Lol talking about fevers, star wars, and airsoft, hope i don't bug him too much. And they're very nice supporting other Mags like airsoft international. He's saved me lots of money and educated me on a lot of things

buttttt i won a subscription for a year Smiley o and they threw in issue 9 with my prize, so i got to read even more stuff. Btw the mags are getting thicker and thicker, more content Smiley And at first i was turned off by the lack of color. But after reading one issue i completely forgot about that. If you're still worried just pick up one mag. They'll be in color soon, and it was better purchase than my MAG mag lol

Theres no way too lose. Reviews save you money(lol or make you lose money if the review is good), Intel lets you know about upcoming
products so you don't lose money, And theres lots of contests to earn lots of cash. I could have one about 1100 dollars worth of stuff, pshhh but only got 110 lol. Finally, SGT Pecker is damn funny.

If you like star wars, you need to talk to these guys. Reaper even gave me a coupon for a star wars website Smiley

Schwag'n'fragfest takes place every year.
Here are the prizes awarded this year

and heres a contest that you can still enter, just need to pick up issue 12!!!
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