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I am sure ALL ideas have their merits as well as their cons, but someday I am sure that Airsoft will be more well known throughout Canada than what it is now. One of the questions that should be raised is how do we as a community deal with it when it does happen, especially if the sport is spun in a bad light??
My club here in Victoria is in a maybe somewhat unique situation where as fully paid members of the VFGPA, we are also members of the BC Wildlife Federation. This gives our club access to a "lobby" group which has advised governments, both past and present, on all manner of outdoor sporting interests, including shooting, hunting, fishing etc etc. The VFGPA are fully aware of what airsoft is, and if and when the time comes that something needs to be done regarding airsoft, they will be there to support our group.

That being said however, what do WE as a community do when the time to come out of the wookwork arrives, and we are left in the situation of defending what we do?

Heres an idea. I will donate $100 to an appropriately setup and run national fund to "spin" airsoft in the right light. I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is and get some kind of positive atmosphere placed on airsoft.
Anyone care to donate as well??...or do we as a group sit back, wait for the inevitable to happen and then wonder why we have lost our sport??
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