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Originally Posted by hellmutt View Post
I was really happy about the article. We had two other reporters out for this game. The New Tribune is going to run a two article story on us after the Long Winter game and Meredith Davenport is trying to shop a documentary on airsoft. More then likely she will also publish an article in a national level magazine like Newsweek, National Geographic or New York Times magazine.

Bottom line is that Airsoft guns are not guns - it is not fair to treat them as weapons. This is not a Liberal v. Conservative thing. I know plenty of Liberals who fully support airsoft but not firearms and vice versa with Cons.

The focus is to present airsoft without spin, which is what I think this article did.
Again, in YOUR country, the laws and politics are different. Again, Canada does not see guns as America does. Period.
So what happens in your country has no impact.
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