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Pip, wether you like it or not, the view of the average Canadian (including politicians and law enforcement) about guns is NOT positive. It never was, and it's not likely to change.
We also are far from numerous enough to change things, so staying quiet works. It's worked well for a long time now.

The moment a large number of camo'ed people with machine guns shows up anywhere in public, the odds are really good that the police will arrive fast.

Or, if the media is present, be aware that anything you say and do can and will be taken out of context and spun to get the most coverage possible for the reporter's glory. That probably means making us look like terrorists in training or simply nuts.

On the other hand, if we were in Vermont or New Hampshire where gun laws are quite lax, people may even come to watch the games. This is not a situation that is likely to change soon, and forcing the issue into the public eye will likely not produce the effects you expect.

This gets discussed to death about every other month, so I guess we'll get the same thing posted in March.
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