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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
America has far different views about guns, and things that look like guns, than the rest of the world.

True but i'd have to say that Canada seems to be the country most afraid of them. Anything and everything to do with "militaria" or something that can be conceived as promoting violence is suppressed. To be perfectly honest i think its bloody rediculous, but thats the way things are and i can't change that.

What i really don't like is the fact that we can't, as an airsoft community, come out of the woodwork and show people what we are about. If articles like this could be written and news reports aired to show our sport in a positive light then i think there would be a massive change in gov't policy on airsoft (provided of course they aren't swayed by the thought of losing the "soccer mom vote" haha like that won't happen ).

I mean lets face it, airsoft guns fire 6mm bb's, make them legal to own import and use if over the age of 18, and have a 0 tolerance policy for abuse and use in public. Strong punnishment is whats needed, not a bloody slap on the wrist because that does shit all....chuck ppl in the slammer for breaking the law!

Woah sorry for the rant, guess i'm pissed off today after reading that two guys here in Duncan who have been charged with first degree murder are going to have to wait two weeks until their court appearance! Talk about one bloody messed up system we have :S
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