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Listen, the problem here is that there are laws. The laws are unclear. The people interpreting the laws dont know shit.

So how do they INTERPRET the laws? In the only way that makes sense and that is by using the PARTS that work.

So you are accusing ME of pointing out how things are done while not reading that I fully realize it's all pretty stupid.

But until the laws are clarified this IS what happens in real life;

For 99% of people, you cant OWN replicas if you are under 18. (Dont get antique guns into this, different laws and it just makes everything even more confusing).

You CAN use a replica gun when you are under 18 IF the owner is present and monitor's it's use. After use, the owner must regain property of it and store it.

That is how the current laws and policies are INTERPRETED wether you like it or not, and going against those laws and policies means you face consequences that can be nasty NOT ONLY FOR YOU, but for OTHERS as well.

Allright? Is this clear enough? We can continue to quote exact laws that contradict themselves for the next several years, or finally get the CLUE on how they are Enforced.
The Enforcement is what matters to us in the end unless you want to argue with a Judge.

Since the ONLY major problem with airsoft ownership is being over 18, then the ONLY solution is to be patient. Is that so hard to do?
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