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Ah, the minor who claims to legally own guns trying to lecture the firearms instructor.

As much as I know how bad these kids want airsoft guns, I still find it funneh as hell to watch them piss and moan over the rules. The only thing that could be more entertaining is if I could hang one of my AEGs over mtallman's head just out of reach as he jumps at it like a puppy.

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There is a quote that anything that is not consistent with the Constitution/Charter/Laws has no force or effect.

Well, the Charter prevents discrimination based on age. Saying a minor can not airsoft because he is a minor, and not because of any laws, is discrimination based on age.

So...there's something to think about while I munch on my cookie.
When this thread gets trashed sooner or later, Im gonna nominate that post as stupidest post of the year.

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