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Okay, you have one of the very rare permits that allows you to store a real gun.
The permits aren't so rare to the fact that they are hard to get, they are rare to the fact that most people under 18 aren't into shooting yet.

Please read about Replicas now. Different set of laws. The PAL does not matter for them
Well, technically if airsoft guns are replicas, every gun you have acquired since Dec 1 1998 was illegally acquired (unless you are a buisness). Every gun that has come into the posession of an individual (by buying new, selling, trading) was done so illegally (if airsoft guns are replicas).

This is from the CFC website:
As an individual, you may keep any replicas that you owned on December 1, 1998. You do not need a licence to possess a replica firearm and it does not have to be registered. However, you cannot acquire, make or import a replica firearm. If you take a replica firearm out of Canada, you cannot bring it back in.
You cannot sell or give a replica firearm to an individual or to an unlicensed business.
Also, if airsoft guns are replicas (not capable of causeing bodily harm) that means I, a minor, could legally purchase an airsoft gun that is a replica of an antique gun, I can't name any off of the top of my head, but I'm sure there are some airsoft guns that are modeled after guns that are classed as antique.
Under federal law, antiques, and replicas of antiques, have no age boundaries. So minors could legally purchase some airsoft guns if airsoft guns are replicas.

You are right, PAL's do not matter for replicas. In fact, all replicas (except of antiques) are prohibited devices, which were "grandfathered" to their owners on Dec 1 1998. So, in theory, if airsofts are replicas no one that has gotten into airsoft in the last 8 years should be able to own an airsoft gun.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you are using the best parts of 2 classes of devices and dropping the worse parts. You maintain that airsoft can be legally acquired by people 18 + (as airguns are, but replicas aren't), but you also maintain that airsofts can not be in the posession of some 18- (as replicas are, but airguns aren't).

You make a big fuss when a minor, whose dad bought him a cheap "soft air" gun from Canadian Tire, claiming that he worked around the system. These guns are imported as airguns, which can be used/be in the possession of a minor. Even when he mentioned that it was purchased by his dad, and that he only shoots them on rural private property with safety gear, you say "you have gone around that rule (the 18+ rule). " and "That is not a good thing."
What isn't? That he's shooting targets in his back yard with an airgun?
So when my uncle took me pelletgun shooting when I was 10, that "was a bad thing"? That's when I took a greater interest in shooting, but unfortunately, that must have "been a bad thing".

I am relating to this thread:

For the record, it is not Greylocks I am personally trying to bash, its the whole mentality that "somehow" it is illegal for a minor to shoot an airsoft gun, and minors who do airsoft are "irresponsible" because they are not 18 yet. Also, it is the bending of federal laws to promote this attitude when this is not the case. Airsofts are replicas when it comes to minors, and airguns when it comes to adults. If airsofts were replicas no one wouldn't be able to airsoft, and if they were airguns everyone would be able to "airsoft". There is no middle ground here, but some folks bend the rules so that its ok for some people, but not ok for others. The controls on airguns are the purchasing of them, not the usage (and even minors with firearms licsenses are able to purchase airguns where I live.) So what if a parent buys an airsoft (or even a cheap soft air) gun for their responsible kid, who uses it responsibly. There is nothing illegal about it (unless airsofts are replicas in which case they are illegal for almost everyone).

Ok, a few more quotes I dug up. Yay, its time for the fun quoting .I'm refering to this thread

Waiting wont kill you and you'll know more by the time you can legally play.
by Greylocks.
Again, this is the "it is illegal for minors to airsoft" mentality. This is like saying its illegal for a minor to shoot a pellet gun, or drive a car. It is the purchaseing of the gun, not the use of the gun.

I am 14, and was at first very upset when i found out legal age for airsoft was 18
This is what the person said in responce to your quote. The point is that you guys think you can make up federal laws. Guess what? Thats the gov'ts job. You have made him believe that the legal age for airsoft is 18. Kind of like how the Liberals made everybody believe that hunters don't hunt with handguns to ban them (some people in the states use big bore revolvers for big game, and .22 pistols for small game).

but realistically, responsible minors can play. I know of several who have come and watched games, earned the respect of players and have ordered guns through respected members...
Posted by Droc
This is what I'm talking about being more open to a group of people, and not using their characteristics to judge them.
I am under 18, and I am trusted with a real gun, but not an airsoft gun :wink:

Making up federal laws is the Federal Government's job

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